Nerd Nite is an international event that takes place once a month in many cities all around the world! We have started here in Victoria BC in the VEC in August 2018. We feature 3 speakers, 20-25 minute talks on a variety of topics, with a beer and a laugh.

About the organizers:

Screenshot-2019-09-08-20.07.36 Nienke van der Marel is a postdoctoral researcher at the NRC Herzberg institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, working on planet formation with the ALMA telescope. She obtained her PhD in 2015 at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where she originates. After that she worked for two years as Parrent Research fellow at the University of Hawaii. Nienke has attended numerous Nerd nites in Amsterdam, Honolulu and Vancouver and initiated Nerd nite in Victoria. She loves outreach and public talks to show the passion of scientists for their work.
Alex-1 Alex Zachernuk works for the Province of B.C., helping bring good research and evidence into regional economic development policy. Hailing from Halifax, Alex holds a Master’s degree in economic policy from the London School of Economics, and has also studied in Ottawa, Hong Kong, and at the First Nations University of Canada. As part of the Nerd Nite Victoria team, he hopes to offer new perspectives from social sciences and the translation of knowledge into action.


Sarah Sohn is an articling student at a law firm in Victoria. Her main focus is in civil litigation. She has a B.A. from Cornell University and a J.D. from University of Victoria. In her undergrad, she took a physics class and discovered that physics only made sense to her when she was having a beer. Naturally, she thinks Nerd Nite is a great idea. In all seriousness, she values science outreach and is looking forward to working with the new Nerd Nite team.


Logan Francis is a PhD Student at the astronomy and physics department of the university of Victoria studying star and planet formation. Logan hails from Nova Scotia, where he previously studied physics at Saint Mary’s University. In his free time, Logan can usually be found stand up paddle boarding, fermenting strange kitchen concoctions, or worshipping the burger gods at bin4.

About our volunteers:


  • Event photographer Mike Chen is a PhD student in astrophysics at the University of Victoria. When he’s not staring at his computer trying to figure out how stars are made, you can find him biking around the town, taking photographs or climbing some rocks. He’s passionate about science communication amongst many other things and loves to tell stories in general.

Former organizers:

IMG_0590 Venus Ruth
Maan Hani Venus Tamturk Ruth Digby